is the first and only children’s book introducing Delta Sigma Theta Sorority to children. My Mommy Is A Delta, published by Fresh Publishing, LLC, whose mission statement is "setting trends in the publishing industry" has graciously fulfilled a void in the children's book market. Never before has information about African American fraternities and sororities been published for the general public, in a children's book. As trendsetters, Fresh Publishing's children's books division, "Teach Me Greek", explores the positive aspects and powerful images of African American sororities and fraternities and their significance in African American history. Teach Me Greek's mission is to teach and educate youth about the positive influences of fraternities and sororities and will include other titles: My Mommy Is An AKA, My Mommy Is A Sigma Gamma Rho, My Mommy Is A Zeta, My Daddy Is A Kappa, My Daddy Is An Omega, My Daddy Is An Alpha, My Daddy Is An Iota Phi Theta, My Daddy Is APhi Beta Sigma. The first-ever series will chronicle the nine existing, also known as the "Divine 9" African American greek letter organizations in an inspiring light that will make young children proud of their heritage.

"My Mommy Is A Delta" is a beautifully charming and a warmly chronicled history of Delta Sigma Theta, done in a cute, yet informative manner. The storyline is warm, set in little Ashley's first grade class where her assignment is to do a report on an organization that does positive things for the community. The characters are adorable and throughout the book the reader will be mesmerized with the vibrant color. Sample text from the story include "I hope to make a difference in the world …" and "…on holidays such as Thanksgiving the members of Delta Sigma Theta give out turkeys to the less fortunate". My Mommy Is A Delta, will provide a periodical heirloom for the members of Delta Sigma Theta to introduce the organization to their children, who as all Deltas pray will one day become Delta's themselves. It will also act as a historical book for any culture. The 45 page narrative includes lots of colors and positive images of the 90 year organization in an easy to read children's books for little girls ranging in ages from 2-10 years old. All of this for only $20.00.

"The ability to find great quality and positive African American children's books on this topic seemed to elude us all, but now it doesn't have to," states Audra. I found it interesting that there weren't any children's books available about sororities and fraternities because as our Greek members have children, we want to read to them about our organizations, since we're so proud of them. I thought this would be a very positive thing to do for our children. I have two little girls, Ashley and Tiffany, and I want them to know about Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and the other great sororities and fraternities as early as possible. They can then see the positive images of professional and upwardly mobile women in our society and that they as black women are our future. Someone once said "I believe the children are our future" I totally agree!

Happy Reading and remember, Reading To Your Child Promotes Literacy!!

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